The Chickens

I have a dog… well actually I have two dogs that live in Miami but they refuse to move to Iceland. They (or their spokesperson) claim to be accustomed the the warm climate and insist that the cold would cause them bodily harm. So for years now I´ve been without pets of any kind. My wife is far from ok with this since she loves animals and thinks it´s important for kids to grow up around them. I kind of agree but so far we haven´t had the chance to settle down enough to have any animals (that´s my argument). I´m not into small pets and our last house was a very quirky wooden house and just the thought of loosing a hamster in it terrified me. My son is allergic to cats (and I don´t like them that much) and a dog has been too much of a commitment due to our working schedule.

Recently we moved into a house and the whole story behind that is just incredible. The house is located in our dream spot in downtown Reykjavik close to our kids school. With the house came two chickens.

Brynja and Fjóla – which could be translated to Violet and Red. (Brynja being the red one). So here I am, moving into a house that comes with two chickens and I hate chickens…. or so I thought.

My wife has dreamed of this for years so she was quite happy about this turn of events. So happy in fact that she failed to mention this little detail in the beginning. But guess what? These chickens are quite clever and funny. They follow you around the garden and the best part is that I get two fresh eggs each morning.

So I guess I´m an urban farmer now – a proud one for that matter.

And the eggs are fantastic…