In this episode the focus is on fish. Chef Volli travels with his friend Chef Siggi to Vestmannaeyjar, the Westmann Islands, a paradise at the end of the world
where the molten lava runs close to the surface, and the puffins circle
tirelessly above their precarious homes built on sheer cliff faces.

They start their journey by gathering fresh trout from Reynisvatn, which is, located just a few kilometers/miles from Reykjavik. In the Westmann Islands the start by gathering fresh seaweed from a place called Solva. What makes the seaweed from Solva so special it that it is partly located in a cave so the seaweed is constantly bathed by fresh water as well as the sea. That makes the seaweed a little less salty than traditional Icelandic seaweed. To gather the seaweed from this special location you have to travel by boat. After that they travel to one of the smaller Westmann Islands that is unpopulated except for sheep’s during the summer. On the Island is a single cabin, built by puffin hunters that used to hunt the puffins during the fall. On their way to the Island they catch fresh cod and make sushi on the boat as they travel to the Island where it is Siggi´s turn to make fresh salad from the trout that they caught earlier that morning and the seaweed.

After making the salad they say goodbye to the Westmann Islands and head to Reykjavik again, more specifically to Siggi´s restaurant that is located in the top floor of the tallest building in Iceland. There Chef Siggi shows the viewers how to steam cod that has been marinated in fresh herbs along with other delicacies and after that Chef Volli heads to his own kitchen where he cooks his own version of the cod by making it both sweet and spicy.