In this episoed the focus is on lobster/langustine and vegetables. Chef Volli starts by travelling to a small village on the south coast of Iceland, called Stokkseyri were the countrys most renowned lobster restaurant is located. There he meets up with the local chef that shows Chef Volli how he likes to cook the langustine; in a simple yet rustic kind of way. Next Chef Volli heads to the harbor in Þorlákshöfn were a lobster boat has just arrived with some freshly cought langustine.

On his way back to the kitchen he stopps at Flúðir, a geothermal area, were fresh vegetables are grown in greenhouses all year around. There, a friend of his, a farmer named Baddi, explains the process; how the geothermal energy is used and shows him some of the vegetables he´s growing. Chef Volli leaves Baddi with an abundance of fresh vegetables that he will be using in his kitchen later in the episode. His next stop is a local farmer at Mosfellssveit, which is just outside of Reykjavik. There the farmers are growing vegetables, flowers and in this case more importantly: strawberrys. It is precicely the strawberrys that Chef Volli is looking for and after picking a fair amount he heads to his kitchen where he starts by making a delicious and a suprisingly simple vegetable soup. Next he focuses on the langustine and makes two seperate dishes out of it, and at the very end he uses the delicious strawberries to make a rustic strawberry cobbler that is sure to melt in your mouth.