In this episode Chef Volli ventures to the northern part of Iceland, which is a breathtakingly bautiful area crowded with volcanos and geothermal energy. He starts at Lake Myvatn where he meets up with a farmer which is smoking salmon, char and trout in the traditional way. He also shows the viewers how to bake rye bread by using geothermal energy – by burying it in a hole in the ground for 24 hours.
Next he going to Hraunsrétt which is where sheeps are gathered from the mountains in the fall. Since sheeps from different farms roam together during the summer it is essential that the farmers collect their sheeps and not their neighbors. Therefore all the farmers in certain areas gather the sheeps together, run them into what is call réttir and sort them out there, before taking them back home to the farm.
The whole event is filled with traditions and ceremonys. Some are dressed in a special way, some are members of a choir, others enjoy a drink or two, but mostly it´s about meeting your friends and neighbors. It is ofcourse different today with modern communications but back in the days people from different farms didn´t meet that often so the event was an important part of the social life.

He then heads to Laxá in Aðaldalur which is close by – a salmon river so spectacular that it is called the queen of icelandic rivers. People travel from all over the world to fish in it and to enjoy the beautiful nature, the tranquility and above all – to try to catch the big one! Consiquently Laxá is where Chef Volli grew up so he meets up with his family. He then ends up in the family lodge where he cooks some delicious lamb meat and makes some traditional pancakes that are very similar to crépes.