Chef Volli starts this episode by going to the village of Höfn í Hornafirði, where some local fishermans are fishing mackril. They are also smoking the mackril and he grabs a few with him and heads to the kitchen were he makes two beautiful dishes out of the fish. Next he heads to the eastern part of Iceland where he first meets up with a mushroom expert that shows him a thing or two about mushrooms. He then goes bramble berry picking before heading to Hotel Hallormsstaður where his friend Þráinn is the manager. Þráinn is also a chef and likes to experiment with different things, he shows Volli his birch syrup that he´s making and then he makes a risotto from the bramble berries and the mushrooms. He also shwos Volli how he´s smoking Raindeer meat and cooks an incredibly tasty dish frome freshly smoke meat and other local ingredients – such as the risotto he just made.

His next destination is a village called Hella. Apples are not commonly grown in Iceland – mostly due to the cold weather but some farmers have managed to do just so and Chef Volli goes to visit one of them. He then picks a few to take to his kitchen where he makes a delicious dessert using the apples he just picked.