In this episode the focus is on meat. Chef Volli starts by going to a beef farm that has some of the best meat in Iceland. From there he heads to Mosfellsbakari – a bakery that is known for it´s bread and pastrys. There Chef Volli picks up a bread and then he heads to the kitchen where the plan is to make a gigantic beef and cheese sandwich – using cheeses such as brie and camembert.

The next destination is in east Iceland – a unique farm where some magic is happening. Not only does the farmers there make skyr and feta cheese to sell, but they also run the farm and recently decided to open up a restaurant as well. There you can also buy their products as watch the process of them being made. These farmers are actually a good example of the innovation of icelandic farmers and how some of them are expanding their buisness towards other venues such as tourism. Chef Volli gets some fresh skyr and feta cheese that he takes with him to his kitchen where he continues to cook up a storm with the beef.

For dessert Chef Volli decides to make his own ice cream at a farm called Erpsstaðir that has been experimenting with ice cream for quite a while now. Volli decides to use fresh mint that he got from another farmer as well as black currant berries. The ice cream turns out delicioulsly so he heads back to the kitchen, makes some sugarbaskets that he then serves the ice cream in.