When the volcano Eyjafjallajökull eruptied in the spring of 2010 an incredible amount of ash stopped air traffic all over Europe. It also affected the area closest to it and one of the farms located there is Thorvaldseyri. It was an enormus amount of ash that came down in this area and the remains are still visible. After the eruption stopped the farmers did everything possible to minimize the damage, and a little bit of ash can actually help the grass grow. Thorvaldseyri farm is not the traditional Icelandic farm. There hey grow and harvest their on flour as well as making their own rape-seed oil.

Next, Chef Volli is headed to Hvalfjordur to collect some fresh wild mussles which he then takes to the family lodge where he bakes a thin crusted bread with the wheat he got from Thorvaldseyri farm and makes a one of a kind soup with the mussles.

He then heads to a town called Stykkisholmur where he meets up with a friend of his that runs a company that specializes in sea tours. A journey through the Breiðafjörður bay is an incredible adventure where you see countless birds, such as puffins, eider ducks, shags, kittiwakes and if your lucky – the majestic white tailed eagle. They cast overboard a small net-plough and catch some crabs, scallops and even a monkfish. Chef Volli decides to set up a kitchen out doors where he cooks up some scallop crevice and grills the monkfish.
At the end he heads back to the lodge where he picks some fresh rhubarb and makes a mouthwatering desserts out of meringue, rhubarb and strawberries.