The classic power drink’s source plant. Easy to grow and seriously rejuvinating when ingested. If everyone drank this stuff the average life expectancy would jump 10 years (I imagine you realize the FDA has not verified that statement. We’re just saying it because we feel it!), this is greeeaat stuff! Wheat Grass Juice, like all Grass juices – has a very intense flavor! We’ve been drinking it since the 1970s and have found that we enjoy it more now than ever – since we got a Green Life (now improved by the mfg. and called Green Star) juicer we mix our grass juice with carrot and apple juice – it is delicious in this mix!

About the product

  • Amazing Grass Organic Wheat Grass offers 100% organic, whole-leaf wheat grass.
  • USDA Organic, Non GMO Verified, Gluten Free, No Sugar Added, Plant Based, Kosher
  • Contains all essential amino acids and minerals
  • Naturally rich source of chlorophyll
  • 30 Servings, 8.5 Oz Add one scoop to 12 Oz or more to your beverage of choice, craft the ultimate smoothie or add to your favorite recipe